–  Ultra minimalist sliding system for doors with frames and perimeter panels up to 6m high.

– 135mm frames and 51mm panels. Minimalist 25mm central knot

– Possibility of lower frame with floor integration and multiple rails.

– Security sash lock with double multipoint closing.

– With the possibility of multipoint placing, multiple closing points, and lock on the vertical side panel.

– On-site channeling system through drainage channels.

– Multiple opening options: hidden side opening, 90º opening, 135º extra wall panels, multiple rails, etc.

– DOUBLE 18mm thermal break.

– Glazing up to 42mm with a maximum weight of 1,000kg per panel.

– Water tightness guaranteed with ALUMED FIN SEAL mats. EPDM gaskets.

– Improvement of thermal values ​​through insulating rods.

– Aluminum extrusion brackets. Easy manufacturing. Compatibility with other ALUMED series.

– Variety of on-site assembly solutions.

  • CLASS 3 air permeability
  • CLASS 6A water tightness
  • Wind resistance CLASS C4
  • Thermal transmittance up to 1.3 UH
  • Acoustic Insulation up to 33 (-1 -4)

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